Pet Resort & Boarding

Our Pet Resort offers the best environment for your fur babies. We have designed and developed a true resort experience including Up-scale kennels, extra play time, swim time (in our bone-shaped swimming pool), special treats, toy rentals, extra walks, and much more. 

Our resort staff goes above and beyond for your pet, so they have an excellent experience, while mom and/or dad are out of town. You can trust that your pet is in the best possible care with Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort. 



Top of the line accomodations for your pet(s) stay with us. Give them the extra space and luxury by booking them in “Upscale” Today! 

Extra Walks & Playtime

Yes we can! We are happy to offer extra walks & play time for your babies while they’re with us! Ask one of our front office staff about adding extra walks or playtime for your babies next visist to our resort.

Swim Time

Did you know we have a bone shaped pool for your water loving fur babies to enjoy while they stay in our luxurious accomodations? 

Book some Swim Time for your pet while they’re on vacation with us! 


Boarding Requirements

must BE Current On all required vaccinations and the following

For the safety of all pets visiting our Pet Resort we require that you pet is current on Rabies, DHLP-PV, Bordetella, Influenza, must be on heartworm preventitive, and pest free in order to be boarded at our Pet Resort.

If you have any questions please reach out to one of our friendly front office staff and we will get  them all answered. 


Can My Pets board together?

Yes, as long as your pets get along we are happy to place them together for their stay. If you have further questions or need anything just reach out! 

How Much Does It cost per day to board my pet?

We know cost is important and we have gone above and beyond to ensure that we have a solution for every situation. In fact, there are several options for boarding that our staff is more than happy to discuss.

Give us a call today!


Will You give me updates on my pet while at your resort?

Of course we know you want to know how your baby is doing while they are staying with us. We are happy to provide you with updates, we just ask that you let us know how we can assist you. Be sure to request updates when you are booking and one of our staff will be happy to explain and set up everything for you. 

Pet Resort Gallery Coming Soon!