Dr. Sebby .
Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams graduated number one in his class from Texas A&M University in 1984. He started Williams veterinary clinic in February of 1985. He has been practicing for 23 years and his favorite part is the variety of animals. He started his practice with the philosophy of keeping prices economically reasonable for the average pet owner.
Christy Sebby .
Cathy .

I can say I wanted to come work for the William Sebby Vet Clinic many years ago. I am very passionate about animals, which anyone that knows me, knows I have been; however it is much deeper than that. I am passionate about Science in general. Science to me is observation, research, discovery, problem solving, and progression.

Whatever your passion, whether working with animals, people and/or both, working in a Vet Clinic always has an impact on not just the animals but the public as a whole. Think about the education, and the passion for learning and what impact you have on the general public by having and/or gaining that knowledge.

I have had my hand in this clinic for many years whether part time in the front, part time in the back or financial, and it has in my opinion been an investment in my own personal development. Sure, you have the downside of the illness, and sometimes losing animals but the positive out ways the negative.

Not to mention you cannot find another clinic that has the love and compassion, not only for the client but for the animal as this one. I can guarantee you won’t find another clinic that has the “CHAOS” well!!!!

I love it all.

Austin Sebby .

First off I would like to thank you for choosing the Williams Sebby Vet Clinic.

Hi I’m Austin Sebby, I’ve been helping since I was five. I have been officially working here for five years and I love my job. My father, Dr. Sebby, is owner and veterinarian of the practice and I plan to follow in his footsteps.

I’ve always had a passion for helping animals. I hope to meet you and your furry friends in the near future!

Elena Bleeker .

Hi! My name is Elena. I just moved to Texas from California for school and work. I recently started at the Williams Sebby Vet Clinic and I already love my job so much. The people and animals bring be so much joy and I absolutely love being able to give my help to those who need it.

I work mostly on records and inventory, but you will also occasionally see me working in the front office with clients. One of my main goals here is to put a smile on everyone’s faces who walks through the door.

Here at the Williams Sebby Veterinary Clinic, we pride ourselves in treating our clients and employees like family and make sure everyone’s needs are met at the end of the day.

I hope you join our family soon and we get to meet you and your pets!

Makinna Gee .

Hi! My name is Makinna. I have always had a love for animals from dogs, to horses, to reptiles and everything in between.

I love working here at WSVC because I get to meet each and every one of you! The best part of my job is getting to watch everyone grow and making new friends along the way (owners included).

If you’re a client of WSVC, then you are a part of our family and family is what we hold dear.

Charlotte Happley .

Charlotte Happley is one of our skilled veterinary technicians. She was raised in a household full of large and small animals. She has raised and rehabilitated many wild and exotic animals over the years. She worked in grooming salons for several years before joining our technician family.

She has worked with dogs her whole life and has a passion for animals. In her free time, Charlotte spends time with her family, trains dogs in various dog sports and hunts and shows her Brittanys.

Sean Macconnell

Hi! My name is Sean and I am a part time vet tech here at the Williams-Sebby Vet Clinic.

I started my career working at a Humane Society in the Virgin Islands as a kennel tech. When I relocated to New Orleans, I was trained to be a vet tech while working at a SPCA Veterinary Hospital.

After several years, I had the opportunity to work as a vet tech in several zoo’s. I returned to domestic vet medicine in 2010 and have been with WSVC since then as well.

Savannah Reynolds .

Savannah Reynolds is an all-breed dog and cat groomer with a background in creative color. She was raised in the Texas Hill Country surrounded by large, small and exotic animals and has over a decade of pet grooming experience.

As a youth she worked under several breeders learning how to prep and groom various sporting breeds for the showing, which fueled her desire to pursue a career working with and grooming dogs.

Savannah has a deep love of the outdoors and in her spare time can be found training or competing with her dogs in various dogs sports including conformation and mondioring. She also enjoys hunting with her bird dogs in the fall.

Savannah believes that a gentle touch is critical to a positive grooming experience and prefers to adhere to each breeds written standard.

Anywhere Savannah goes you can be assured that her Belian Malinois, Tempest, is not far behind.

Alyssa Carrera .

Growing up, Alyssa always felt drawn to the animal-care world. It wasn’t until her own family dog fell into ill health, though, that she knew she wanted to work in veterinary medicine. Alyssa hasn’t looked back since—now, she’s a Veterinary Technician here at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic!

A Mission, TX native, Alyssa studied Animal Science at Texas State University. After graduation, Alyssa joined the clinic family as a Veterinary Technician. Here at the clinic, she enjoys working with all pets ranging from reptiles to large animals. Alyssa has a few pets of her own at home. She lives with her two rescued dogs, Gunther and Stevie, as well as her cat Max.

Lisa Hardesty

Hi my name is Lisa. I have lived in San Marcos for over 30 years and I am also a client of William Sebby Vet Clinic as well. I worked at SWTSU from 1986 to 1997, RBFCU from 1/2000 to 10/2016. In my early years, I worked for the Vet Teaching hospital at TAMU doing medical records for large and small animals from 1983 to 1985. I then worked in the higher education and financial world.

I am happy to be a part of the William Sebby Veterinary Clinic staff. If you call you’ll most likely be talking to me.

Amanda Gonzales
Tim Renter .

Hi! My name is Timothy Renter.

I was adopted at the age of 3.5 years into a family of animal lovers. As I was growing up, I had many furry friends which in turn deepened my love for animals. Later on in life, I started working for Dr. Williams and Dr. Sebby as a Veterinary Technician.

I currently have 3 dogs of my own and many more furry friends at my moms. My oldest is Pheobe a female Daschund. She is definitely a daddy’s girl. My second is a Brazilian Masstif named Tango Dig who is a sweetheart. My youngest is Leonitos, a male Daschund.

I love all that I do in my job but would have to say that my favorite part is the delivery of newborn animals. There is no greater joy than hearing their first cry.

Don Kelvin .
Lance Clark .

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