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Here at Williams-Sebby Vet Clinic & Pet Resort, we are pleased to have a large amount of veterinary services available for our patients. We are proud to be able to serve San Marcos, TX and our surrounding communities to give your pet the best care that they deserve!

Dentistry San Marcos, TX


Veterinary Pet Dental Exams Can Save the Lives of Pets
Pets go through many of the same disease processes as their human counterparts. Oftentimes many health issues of both pets and their human caretakers could be avoided if they adhered to a regular dental care regimen. Our veterinary team here at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos, suggests pet owners engage in a regular dental maintenance plan for their pets to help them maintain their health and help them keep their teeth longer.

Pets go through many of the same disease processes as their human counterparts. Oftentimes many health issues of both pets and their human caretakers could be avoided if they adhered to a regular dental care regimen. Our veterinary team here at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos, suggests pet owners engage in a regular dental maintenance plan for their pets to help them maintain their health and help them keep their teeth longer.

Benefits of Professional Treatment

One of the reasons our veterinary staff recommends people taking their pets to their local animal hospital to have their teeth examined and cleaned is because people who are not trained in pet dentistry have no idea when their pet has an issue. People need to realize that brushing their pet's teeth at home should remain something they continue to engage in, however, they need to go a step further. Pets get cavities and dental abscesses just like humans. The only difference is, your dog or cat has no way of letting you know they have something wrong and need help. Infections caused by tooth abscesses can pose a great danger to the life of a dog or a cat, so keeping your pet’s teeth clean is extremely important.

Retained Teeth

If you have a pet that has grown into adulthood recently you need to make sure you have their teeth checked. Adult dogs have 42 teeth and adult cats have 30. It is not uncommon for dogs or cats to retain some of their primary teeth. This can irritate the gums of pets and the build-up tartar. This can cause dangerous bacteria. Here in our office one of the things we do is check for regressed teeth and address them if they are present.

Periodontal Disease 4Management

Dogs over the age of three are susceptible to developing periodontal disease. A large majority of dogs (4 out of 5) develop the disease by the time they are 3 years old. This is can be prevented with regular dental exams and cleanings. Periodontal disease is caused by the building up of plaque around the base of the gums.

Learn More about Pet Dental Care

Here at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos, TX, we want to make sure every pet lives a long healthy life. Pets who do not receive regular dental care can experience a slow decline in their health. Pets who have severe cases of root rot and gum disease are prone to the development of heart disease. People should also be mindful of the fact that the heart is not the only organ in a pet’s body that can be affected by a lack of dental care.

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Spay And Neuter San Marcos, TX

Spay And Neuter

Spaying and neutering are important and necessary medical procedures that enhance the quality of your pets' life. Not only does spaying and neutering have positive effects on your pets' health, it's also vital to controlling the homeless pet population.

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Vaccinations San Marcos, TX


At Williams-Sebby Vet Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos, TX, we believe that one of the most important aspects of caring for your pet's health is vaccinating him or her against possible diseases. There are a variety of diseases which affect our pets, and other animals, so proper vaccination is vital to protecting them from many types of illnesses.

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Wellness Exams San Marcos, TX

Wellness Exams

Providing your cat or dog with a pet wellness exam each year is important to help keep them in the best of health. To protect your animal, contact Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Here is some information about vet care to read over so you know what to expect during a routine appointment with our veterinarian.

Important Information Is Gathered

Our veterinarian will ask you to fill out documentation about your pet so that we have information available regarding any past health issues they have experienced. Your pet's weight and temperature will then be noted so we can use this information during subsequent visits as a guideline about your pet's overall health. If there is a big fluctuation in weight or body base temperature, our vet will know to check for particular conditions that may require treatment. Be sure to alert our veterinarian about any medical problems your cat or dog has been dealing with so it can be treated.

A Complete Check of Your Pet's Body Is Conducted

Our veterinarian will evaluate each portion of your pet's body, checking for any abnormalities during this exam. This includes checking the eyes, ears, nose, and teeth for cleanliness, injuries, or parasites. Your pet's heart is listened to for erratic beating and our vet will palpate your pet's stomach to check for growths or tumors. Your dog or cat's fur is checked for indications of poor diet or other medical troubles. Our vet will also look for the presence of fleas upon your pet's skin. If any medical difficulty is noticed, proper treatment is provided to improve your pet's health and reduce the chance of an escalation of symptoms.

Preventative Care Is Provided after the Exam

Our vet will discuss the importance of providing your pet with immunizations against diseases and other health issues. In many cases, some immunizations can be administered right after an exam is conducted. Some of these vaccines will require further visits in order to space out when they are given to your pet. If your cat or dog is not spayed or neutered, an appointment can be scheduled for surgery. Microchipping can also be provided at our practice to help protect your pet in case he or she happens get lost. Parasite prevention is also provided at our office to protect your pet against a variety of pests.

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Dehydration and Heatstroke Prevention

Just like humans, during the hot months of summer overexposure to the sun and heat may lead to pet dehydration and heatstroke. Your pet is particularly vulnerable if they are already sick, or have an extremely thick coat. If you suspect your pet may be dehydrated, the first step is to take them to our veterinary staff at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos, TX.

Importance of Keeping Pets Hydrated

It is extremely important that you make sure your pet stays hydrated. Pets should always have access to fresh, clean water and it’s best to avoid leaving pets outside for long periods, especially if it is hot outside and never leave your pet alone in a locked vehicle. Some potential complications of dehydration may include:

  • Kidney failure
  • Aggression and disorientation
  • Electrolyte abnormalities
  • Heat stroke
  • Shock
  • Coma

Signs of Dehydration

Whether your pet is ill or it is hot outside, it is important that you recognize the signs and symptoms of dehydration. If your pet does become dehydrated, it is important that they are taken to the veterinarian immediately because they may need IV fluids in order to prevent the risk of more serious problems. The signs of dehydration may include:

  • Excessive panting
  • Fatigue
  • Dry nose and/or mouth
  • Sunken eyes
  • Unexplained aggressiveness
  • Disorientation
  • Lethargy

What Causes Heat Stroke?

Heat stroke may occur if your pet gets overheated. Unfortunately, heat stroke is often the result of accidentally leaving pets outside during extreme heat or leaving the pet in a hot car. It is extremely important to pay attention to pets when it is hot outside. This is especially pets that have thick fur, are obese or have a medical condition as these pets have a higher risk of developing heat stroke quickly. Pets do not sweat, so they are unable to release the heat inside their body, which makes them much more susceptible to developing heat stroke, which can be fatal. On hot days, pets should only be allowed outside for brief periods to use the bathroom and you should never leave your pet in a hot car.

Pet dehydration and pet heatstroke can be extremely serious in pets, even fatal, so it is critical that you take your pet to the veterinarian in San Marcos as soon as you suspect your pet may be sick. If your pet has been vomiting or had diarrhea for two days, they have a significantly high risk of pet dehydration and pet heat stroke.

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Parasite Prevention San Marcos, TX

Parasite Prevention/Flea & Tick Control

A flea infestation can make your pet miserable and your home unlivable. Ticks carry diseases that can make your pet sick and cause expensive vet bills. That’s why regular flea and tick control is so important. At Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos, TX, we can help you find the right flea and tick control method for your pet’s needs.

Avoiding Flea Problems

Fleas are tiny insects that can hitch a ride on your cat or dog any time they are outdoors. These pests have a life cycle that extends over several weeks, so the eggs, larva, and adults have ample time to find their way into your carpeting, bedding, and upholstery, as well as your pets. Getting rid of an infestation of fleas takes a considerable amount of work, with regular shampooing of your pet, removing the fleas with a comb, flea treatment, and constant vacuuming and laundering of household items. Prevention of this problem is made easy with a variety of effective flea control products that are available in stores or from our veterinarian.

Ticks Carry Disease That Can Impair Your Pet’s Health

Ticks can be found in the grass around your home or in wooded areas where you walk your pet. They attach themselves to the animal’s coat, usually behind the ears, between the toes or in the groin area. To remove a tick from your pet, you should grasp the body of the tick with tweezers, as close to the skin as possible and then, pull out. Ticks carry a number of diseases that can be transmitted to your pet, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, and tick paralysis. Regular flea and tick control will help to protect your pet’s health.

Flea and Tick Control Options

Pet owners can choose from a wide array of flea & tick control products. These products repel fleas at different stages of their life cycle, as well as ticks. Some products also repel mosquitoes. Shampoos sprays and powders can be found in pet stores and discount stores. Flea collars can be fitted on your pet’s neck for prevention that lasts for months. Spot-on products are applied monthly. Oral medications are also available through our San Marcos vet.

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Heartworm Prevention

Protecting your dog or cat against heartworm disease is an important task. Seeking assistance from a veterinarian at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos is your best option to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet. Here is some important information about heartworm disease to read over so you understand how it is spread, how to avoid it, and why veterinary care is necessary to help your animal.

How an Animal Contracts Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is spread via transmission through the bloodstream by an infected mosquito. During the warmer months of the year when mosquitoes are abundant, a pet could easily become infected, especially if they spend time outdoors. If a mosquito that has the heartworm disease within its body happens to bite your pet, the disease will transfer to the animal's lungs and heart. Small worms will grow in these areas, making it difficult for the pet to breathe when the worms grow in size. Heartworm disease causes infected animals to cough and wheeze. Eventually, their organs will not work properly and death could occur.

How to Protect Your Pet from Heartworm Disease

An efficient way to protect a cat or dog from heartworm disease is to give them monthly pills prescribed by our veterinarian. It is extremely important to adhere to a schedule to ensure your pet receives a pill on time so there is no lapse in protection. The pills should be taken even in the cooler months of the year as mosquitos could get into the home.

In addition to medication as a preventative measure, taking steps to keep the mosquito population on your property at a minimum will help to reduce the chance of transmission of disease. Remove any standing water from your property so mosquitos do not have a readily available breeding area. Use citronella candles to deter mosquitoes from areas where your pet frequents as well.

Why Veterinary Care Is Important For Pets

Bringing your cat or dog to our veterinary is best if you believe your pet is suffering from heartworm disease. One of our skilled veterinarians will examine your pet and run tests to diagnose this disease. Dogs can be treated for heartworm disease with medicine. Cats, however, do not have an available medication to stop the progression of this disease. If your cat does have heartworm disease, our vet will make recommendations regarding lifestyle changes that will help your pet live their life as comfortable as possible.

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A Luxurious Look for All
Our staff at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos is proud to offer high-quality pet grooming. Whether your pet needs a simple cut for hygiene, or they need full treatment for their big dog show competition, we are ready to provide an exceptional pet grooming experience at an affordable price.

Hygienic Concerns

It is important to have your pet cleaned on occasion. Their coat or fur may be dirty, their nails could be too long, or they could have bad breath. If left untreated, these conditions could lead to health problems. Routine visits to our pet groomer can prevent those issues from occurring. You should bring your pet in at least once every three months, but you can make more frequent visits depending on your pet’s lifestyle. Our groomer will be able to make a good recommendation after seeing your pet.

Formal Occasion Ready

There are certain occasions where we want to look our best. You spend time preparing yourself for the photos that come with special trips, yearly family reunions, and holidays. So why wouldn’t you prepare your pet for those days too? Our pet groomer is exceptional and provides grooming for dogs that compete in dog competitions. Their expertise is unmatched, and you can keep your pet looking their best for those occasions when you want to capture them at their best. You can talk to our groomer about the specific aesthetic you want your pet to have and they will do everything possible to accommodate. Our pricing structure is below:

CLIP/BATH 31-50 $53.00
CLIP/BATH 51-80 $63.00
CLIP/BATH 81-100 $73.00
CLIP/BATH OVER 100 $83.00
BRUSH OUT $10.50
CLIP ONLY 31-50 $49.00
CLIP ONLY 51-80 $58.00
CLIP ONLY 81-100 $69.00
CLIP ONLY OVER 100 $79.00
BATH ONLY 31-50 $22.00
BATH ONLY 51-80 $24.00
BATH ONLY 81-100 $27.00
BATH ONLY OVER 100 $30.00
FACIAL $5.06

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Behavior Management San Marcos, TX

Dog Training

Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort has partnered with Canine Moxy to provide exceptional dog training in San Marcos, TX. We know that every dog has their unique quirk, and that can make it difficult to curb their bad behavior. Simply understanding this allows our trainers to approach your pet as the individual that may require a different method to achieve the desired result. Our trainers do not discriminate based on your pet’s current behavior, breed, or age. We take pride in working with even the most aggressive dogs. If you bring your pet into our clinic, we will be able to train them to your desired level of behavior.


We provide a variety of dog training services. By talking to our staff, you can determine which training program is right for your dog based on their current behavior and your desired outcome. Our services include:

Pack Structure

Goal: Establish rules and boundaries via strong leadership

This is the cornerstone course in our training program. Dogs’ best learn through imitation and we need to be sure that you are setting a good example for your dog. This is done through transactional leadership, rather than using force to teach your pet. Clients typically see improvements in their dog’s behavior and mental state after the course. This leads to you and your dog being more confident, expressive, and happier!


Goal: Provide proper learning experiences to modify behavior

Dogs are social animals and learn about the world through social interactions. Clients typically enroll in this program to stop anti-social behaviors such as jumping on people, running outside without permission, or when their pet is shy or fearful. While you may think taking your dog on a walk or going to a dog park may be enough to socialize them, it can often backfire. This is because socialization is highly dependent on the quality of the pets your dog interacts with. If your pet is around anti-social dogs, they will develop antisocial behavior themselves.


We are proud to offer both AKC and ADPT certifications. Our ADPT certifications are offered at the bachelor, master, and PH. D levels. AKC certifications include:

  • AKC STAR Puppy
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • Urban Canine Good Citizen
  • AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizen

Goal: Achieve recognition for your dog’s behavior

Certifications can be important for your pet depending on your need. For instance, we provide therapy dog certification via Therapy Pets Unlimited. This certification is important for your pet to receive the rights entailed with that title.

Behavior Modification

Goal: Target specific behavior with operant conditioning

Certain stimuli can set your dog off. The sight of a mailman or a loud noise can elicit a specific response in your dog. This is where our dog behaviorist can step in and alter their response via operant conditioning. The difference between a dog behaviorist and a dog trainer is similar to that of a therapist to a coach.

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When searching for a dog sitter in San Marcos, you may wonder: what are my options, and what could be the cheapest dog boarding near me? Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic And Pet Resort houses a state-of-the-art dog boarding facility. Find an alternative to a dog daycare with our extra large dog kennels in San Marcos. Or, if you've tried a dog hotel and didn't like it, we have a bone-shaped dog pool. Customize your pet’s interactions with our daily add-ons, such as extra playtime, walks, and pupsicles.

We strive to be your best alternative to doggie daycare with veterinarians on staff. Vet techs also take care of every facet of playtime with your pet in San Marcos. Veterinarians and vet techs are able to safely and confidently administer medications for your dog at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos. In addition, you can receive a high-quality dog grooming treatment here.

Want to know the cost of dog boarding in San Marcos? Give us a call. We'll happily give your current dog daycare a run for their money with our same day boarding. Your best friend is safe and sound at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos TX. Our well trained staff are passionate about your pet!

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