Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exams in San Marcos

Providing your cat or dog with a pet wellness exam each year is important to help keep them in the best of health. To protect your animal, contact Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Here is some information about vet care to read over so you know what to expect during a routine appointment with our veterinarian.

Pet Wellness Exam

Important Information Is Gathered

Our veterinarian will ask you to fill out documentation about your pet so that we have information available regarding any past health issues they have experienced. Your pet's weight and temperature will then be noted so we can use this information during subsequent visits as a guideline about your pet's overall health. If there is a big fluctuation in weight or body base temperature, our vet will know to check for particular conditions that may require treatment. Be sure to alert our veterinarian about any medical problems your cat or dog has been dealing with so it can be treated.

A Complete Check of Your Pet's Body Is Conducted

Our veterinarian will evaluate each portion of your pet's body, checking for any abnormalities during this exam. This includes checking the eyes, ears, nose, and teeth for cleanliness, injuries, or parasites. Your pet's heart is listened to for erratic beating and our vet will palpate your pet's stomach to check for growths or tumors. Your dog or cat's fur is checked for indications of poor diet or other medical troubles. Our vet will also look for the presence of fleas upon your pet's skin. If any medical difficulty is noticed, proper treatment is provided to improve your pet's health and reduce the chance of an escalation of symptoms.

Preventative Care Is Provided after the Exam

Our vet will discuss the importance of providing your pet with immunizations against diseases and other health issues. In many cases, some immunizations can be administered right after an exam is conducted. Some of these vaccines will require further visits in order to space out when they are given to your pet. If your cat or dog is not spayed or neutered, an appointment can be scheduled for surgery. Microchipping can also be provided at our practice to help protect your pet in case he or she happens get lost. Parasite prevention is also provided at our office to protect your pet against a variety of pests.

If you are ready to get a wellness exam for your animal, contact Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort in San Marcos to make an appointment for vet care. Call our office at (512) 396-1966 to find out more about the services we provide to cats and dogs.

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