Dog Training By Your Veterinarians in San Marcos

Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort has partnered with Canine Moxy to provide exceptional dog training in San Marcos, TX. We know that every dog has their unique quirk, and that can make it difficult to curb their bad behavior. Simply understanding this allows our trainers to approach your pet as the individual that may require a different method to achieve the desired result. Our trainers do not discriminate based on your pet’s current behavior, breed, or age. We take pride in working with even the most aggressive dogs. If you bring your pet into our clinic, we will be able to train them to your desired level of behavior.

Dog Training for All


We provide a variety of dog training services. By talking to our staff, you can determine which training program is right for your dog based on their current behavior and your desired outcome. Our services include:

Pack Structure

Goal: Establish rules and boundaries via strong leadership

This is the cornerstone course in our training program. Dogs’ best learn through imitation and we need to be sure that you are setting a good example for your dog. This is done through transactional leadership, rather than using force to teach your pet. Clients typically see improvements in their dog’s behavior and mental state after the course. This leads to you and your dog being more confident, expressive, and happier!


Goal: Provide proper learning experiences to modify behavior

Dogs are social animals and learn about the world through social interactions. Clients typically enroll in this program to stop anti-social behaviors such as jumping on people, running outside without permission, or when their pet is shy or fearful. While you may think taking your dog on a walk or going to a dog park may be enough to socialize them, it can often backfire. This is because socialization is highly dependent on the quality of the pets your dog interacts with. If your pet is around anti-social dogs, they will develop antisocial behavior themselves.


We are proud to offer both AKC and ADPT certifications. Our ADPT certifications are offered at the bachelor, master, and PH. D levels. AKC certifications include:

    • AKC STAR Puppy
    • AKC Canine Good Citizen
    • Urban Canine Good Citizen
    • AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizen

Goal: Achieve recognition for your dog’s behavior

Certifications can be important for your pet depending on your need. For instance, we provide therapy dog certification via Therapy Pets Unlimited. This certification is important for your pet to receive the rights entailed with that title.

Behavior Modification

Goal: Target specific behavior with operant conditioning

Certain stimuli can set your dog off. The sight of a mailman or a loud noise can elicit a specific response in your dog. This is where our dog behaviorist can step in and alter their response via operant conditioning. The difference between a dog behaviorist and a dog trainer is similar to that of a therapist to a coach.

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Our staff at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic & Pet Resort and Canine Moxy is more than happy to find the dog training service program that fits your specific needs in San Marcos, TX.  Call us at (512) 396-1996 to schedule an appointment today! We also provide dog aggression training, obedience training, and offer a free evaluation!

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